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Monday February 18th 2019

United Nations & Peace Keeping

The international organization for peace keeping, The United Nations, was formed approximately 50 years ago. The main purpose of the establishment is to maintain peace in the world. Since its inception, the United Nations has aimed at helping to resolve various disputes among different countries.

Although the United Nations may not always seem to play its role in a true sense, we cannot ignore its importance. For instance, it has played important roles in many international disputes and cases such as :the civil war in Somalia, conflicts in Central America, Middle East, and Haiti, and many more. As the name suggests, the United Nations sends troops of member countries to the areas of conflict to lead neutral operations for the sake of establishing peace.

The United Nations also maintains checks and balances in nuclear power developed countries. The United nation plays its role in maintaining peace and restoration and rebuilding infrastructure after regional wars and conflicts which inflicted heavy damage and destruction.

Another achievement of the U.N. is that it has succeeded in making most countries agree on the treaty on nuclear nonproliferation. This means that nuclear technology-capable countries will not provide nuclear technology to non-nuclear countries. These treaties are known as CTBT and NPT. They bind the countries who have signed these agreements that any work in the fields of nuclear technology will be monitored by United Nations and the technology transfer shall only be for peaceful purposes.

The United Nations was created to achieve peace and harmony among the international community. However a few powers have hijacked the main aim of this organization and try to manipulate the UN for their own interests. Although this is to be expected, particularly when these smaller nations do not have the power of bigger members,  it something that the UN constantly works towards improving


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