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Sunday March 24th 2019

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Logistics courses at the peace training institute

Logistical courses are provided by the peace institution. Logistical Support to UN Peacekeeping:- This essential lesson gives the basis of UN peacekeeping logistics, and a plan of working in the field and at the control center. It introduces the task life-cycle and gives [Read More]

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Donald Trump on the latest peace initiative in the Middle East

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The development of the UN

The United Nations is more than six decades old and has matured into a vibrant organization. Over these many years the [Read More]

Rotary World Peace Fellowship

The rotary world peace fellowship is a non-profitable organization. The purpose of its establishment is to achieve [Read More]

Casualties during Peace Keeping Missions

There have been many casualties amongst the UN peacekeepers while performing their duties. Although the rate is not [Read More]

United Nations’ Educational Impact on helping children

United Nations runs ECD fro childrens’ development and entertainment The United Nations, specifically the United [Read More]

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