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Monday April 24th 2017

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Rotary World Peace Fellowship

The rotary world peace fellowship is a non-profitable organization. The purpose of its establishment is to achieve peace in the world. The organization makes the programs to remove poverty and improve education on an exchange basis. It also establishes the programs for [Read More]

Logistics courses at the peace training institute

Logistical courses are provided by the peace institution. Logistical Support to UN Peacekeeping:- This essential lesson gives the basis of UN peacekeeping logistics, and a plan of working in the field and at the control center. It introduces the task life-cycle and gives [Read More]

Peace operations training institute

There are many courses provided by the peace operations training institutes. Some of them are as follows:- An introduction to the United Nations system:- This course deals with the introduction of the complicated workings by UN linked with peace. This course introduces the [Read More]

Learning the role of peacemakers

Since 1995, students have been taking distance-learning courses on UN peacekeeping. Peace operations organization gives courses on supporting peace, compassionate relief, and protection plans for those all involved in promoting peace worldwide. These people are very capable [Read More]

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Casualties during Peace Keeping Missions

There have been many casualties amongst the UN peacekeepers while performing their duties. Although the rate is not [Read More]

United Nations’ Educational Impact on helping children

United Nations runs ECD fro childrens’ development and entertainment The United Nations, specifically the United [Read More]

The Peace Keeping Mission in Syria

The First batch of United Nations peacekeepers reached Syria in mid-April, 2012. The UN peacekeepers arrived to oversee [Read More]

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