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Monday February 18th 2019

The Peace Keeping Mission in Syria

The First batch of United Nations peacekeepers reached Syria in mid-April, 2012. The UN peacekeepers arrived to oversee a truce so that the battle could stop and further bloodshed did not continue. Fierce gun fights and rocket firing is continuing despite international efforts. The United Nations has brokered a cease fire; however, the reports of attacks and killings are still pouring in from all across Syria including from cities of Idlib, Homs and Hama etc. Within a week of the UN sponsored cease fire, more than 50 people had been reported killed due to continued violence. Efforts are afoot to save the peace 6 point plan. This peace plan has been agreed upon by the Syrian president Assad through the joint efforts of UN and The Arab league.

The UN mission consisted of 30 international observers who will set up an observation headquarters for monitoring the implementation of the peace process and cessation of hostilities. More UN peacekeeping personnel will arrive in Syria in the coming days. The next group will comprise members from the Arab region so that the observers are familiar with the language and customs of the area. The main role has been carried out by the former UN secretary General. The Security Council rejected the idea of sending 200 observers immediately. A full UN peacekeeping mission could only be sent to Syria once all the hostilities between rebels and government cease.

The west has lost trust in Assad and they believe that he is not sincere in ending the year long conflict. This is evident from the sudden end of the Syrian monitoring mission which was sent by the Arab league. The government spokesperson has blamed the rebels for intensifying the attacks on government installation and forces after the arrival of the UN observers. The government says that the rebels are not interested in maintaining the truce due to their own hegemonic aims. The government forces have resumed attacks in the city of Homs when 5 civilians were reported to be killed by the rebels.

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