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Sunday March 24th 2019

Rotary World Peace Fellowship

The rotary world peace fellowship is a non-profitable organization. The purpose of its establishment is to achieve peace in the world. The organization makes the programs to remove poverty and improve education on an exchange basis.
It also establishes the programs for exchange of cultures and traditions. This foundation was established in 1917. This is a big organization. In the early days the foundation started three programs:

1. Polio eradication program
2. Humanitarian programs
3. Education programs

Polio eradication program

This organization has carried out much work to control polio and other disease in the under developed countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. The vaccination of polio to children is a key method of reducing the disease. With the help of Rotarians, today 209 countries all over the world are polio free countries. The rich of the world like Bill Gates have generously been donating for the cause of this foundation. In the initial days, the foundation started with a fund named polio plus fund.

Humanitarian programs

The second big program of the foundation are humanitarian grants programs. In this program funds are granted for health, hunger and humanity. The main objective of the program is to improve health, eliminate hunger and improve human development. The organization also gives planning grants for rotary clubs and districts for designing new projects. Approximately 166 countries use these grants.

Education programs

The third role is the education program managed by this foundation. The foundation grants scholarships to talented students of under developed countries. Students from more than one hundred countries are using the scholarship through this program and helping themselves and their communities to become better educated. More than one hundred students are presently achieving education in top world universities and colleges. Another major contribution by the rotary foundation is the rotary grant for university teachers. They provide grants to engage brilliant faculty from under developed countries. With this unique feature of this foundation, teachers are learning more and subsequently become better and teach much more effectively.
Part of the curriculum is to ensure students also partake of entertainment and learning how different cultures around the word world. It is not out of place for example for a 70s fancy dress party to be held as an introduction to cultures of certain countries that celebrate the modern celebrity era.

We can conclude that the foundation is helping the world to be better educated and knowledgeable.

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