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Monday February 18th 2019

Learning the role of peacemakers

Since 1995, students have been taking distance-learning courses on UN peacekeeping. Peace operations organization gives courses on supporting peace, compassionate relief, and protection plans for those all involved in promoting peace worldwide.

These people are very capable in providing learning in the role of peace makers because they work worldwide. They work in academic studies, live missions and many other cases. Thousands of students from many countries have raised their awareness through this umbrella organization.
The downloadable system of the courses helps with learning peacekeeping matters from anyplace in the globe at any moment. The program of study fulfills many preparation requirements, including preparing for consumption to a peace keeping assignment, growing efficiency in the field and understanding of the UN organization.

The peace operations training institute gives an authority for self-paced distance education on peacekeeping and linked topics to pupils universally through open-enrolment, or the programs on UN Missions, nationwide programs, programs with universities, Non-Government Organizations and others. They average over 10,000 enrolments a month and the students study the resources at their own tempo in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
The peace operation provides 22 courses on current topics, such as humanitarian relief, and security operations. Each course has all required interpretation and study equipment, knowledge objectives and self-scoring quizzes with answers given encourage the students to study at their own pace. After finishing the quizzes at the end of each session, students complete single 50-question multiple choice End-of-Course assessment. It has a passing grade of 75% for which students are awarded with a Certificate of Completion for that course. If students fall short in exam, they are provided with one opportunity to take a swap form of the test.
The institution strives constantly to assess and revise the courses, increasing the courses in combination with chief worldwide peacekeeping topics.

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