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Sunday March 24th 2019

Peace keeping withing The UN

The United Nations is the biggest organization in the world with a number of important responsibilities to perform. There are approximately 193 countries of the world united under one roof working for the betterment of the world. The United Nations has its General Assembly consisting of all member countries. The president is elected through voting. The Headquarters of the United Nations is located in New York City, USA. The United Nations also has some permanent members who have the power of VETO over any resolution. It also has offices in 117 countries all over the world. The main objectives of the United Nation are to:

1. Eliminate poverty and hunger from the under developed countries.
2. Provide justice to all people on humanitarian grounds.
3. To improve the health of the all humans living in this world.
4. War against HIV/AIDS, malaria and other dangerous diseases like cancer etc.
5. To achieve peace through all means possible.

To achieve these goals the member countries agree to provide sufficient funds and man power to meet the objectives. In all sectors associated with the above stated objectives, efforts are made but satisfactory results have not been achieved; especially in fighting drought and conflict resolutions. Thus peace keeping missions can only perform their tasks assigned by the United Nations at restricted levels.
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A United Nation conference held in 2010 analyzed the progress of the United Nations Goals. The objective of achieving peace and the factors affecting the outcome were discussed in details. New guidelines have been drawn up and more effective measures to be adopted have been approved. The aim is to look at all the conflicts more passionately and involve all the players for finding permanent solutions. The United Nations is a powerful organization and can achieve its desired results. We hope that in coming years, the new plans are implemented and that peace is achieved worldwide.

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