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Monday February 18th 2019

Peace keeping and The United Nations

The United Nations continuously adopts different measures to reduce the chances of nuclear war between countries. It is a great platform for negotiation. To make people talk and interact with each other, the United Nations provides the opportunity to the representatives of each country to deliver a speech once a year during the General assembly gathering.

When Word War-II ended, all nations felt that there was a need to make countries sit, talk and devise strategies to get rid of conflicts for the world to live in peace and harmony. Humanity had suffered due to the two world wars. The creation of an organization like United Nation became was necessary to maintain peace in the world.

Big powers like USA, Russia, and United Kingdom, who defeated Germany, established this organization. Almost every country of the world is now a member.

The United Nations was set up to develop peace in a new way attempting to learn from history and in this way, avoid future conflicts escalating into major catastrophes where millions are killed. The world war winners created it and since then have used the organization for the benefits of all . The power of VETO was kept within the winning members and since then it has been utilized many time. This aspect sometimes creates resentment amongst the weaker nations and their trust has not been fully established over the neutrality it espouses. There is a need for super powers to think and evolve some solutions after abolishing the VETO concept.

These days, the main focus of the United Nations is terrorism and organized crime. The United Nations has no or almost nil ability to handle these. For instance the United Nations failed to organize peace in Somalia, Rwanda and Bosnia. It shows that United Nation cannot always perform satisfactorily in establishing peace. Therefore, there is a real need to discuss and rewrite new rules to bring peace to the world on a bigger and more effective scale.

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