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Sunday March 24th 2019

Pakistan’s Role in Peace keeping Missions

The United Nations was established to bring peace to the war torn world. Today, peace keeping is one of the biggest and important tasks of the United Nations. In disturbed, post conflict, and war torn areas, the UN sends military and civilian personnel to monitor and observe peace processes and oversee the implementation of any agreements.

Pakistan became a UN member on 30 September, 1947 and since then Pakistan has always provided large scale assistance to the UN peace keeping missions. Pakistan is one of the top contributors of military personnel for the peace keeping missions of UN. The first Pakistani military contingent went to Congo for a peace keeping mission in 1960. The following is the list, consisting some of the important peace keeping missions, performed by Pakistan Armed Forces.
1960-1964 : United Nation’s mission in Congo
1962-1963 : Part of United Nation’s security force in New Guinea
1991-2003 : United Nation’s peace keeping mission in Iraq and Kuwait
1992-1995 : UN mission in Cambodia
1992-1996 : Part of United Nation Protection Forces in Bosnia
1995-1998 : In Haiti

Sierra Leone, Brundi, Congo and many more international conflicts have witnessed the presence of Pakistani troops in maintaining peace through the United Nations. Pakistani troops have on many occasions shown bravery and sacrifice and earned respect through their valor, courage and great service to the humanity. On average, at one time, more than ten thousand Pakistani troops perform UN duty all around the globe. Until now, close to 100 Pakistanis have given their lives while performing peace keeping duties.

Pakistan has always contributed whole heartedly whenever deputed with peace keeping missions by the United Nations. However, during the gulf war, Pakistan refused to be part of the UN peace force due to sensitivities of the conflict and expected negative reaction by the Pakistani population. Barring such examples, Pakistan has always been in the forefront in the community of nations, to achieve peace in the world.

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