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Sunday March 24th 2019

The development of the UN

The United Nations is more than six decades old and has matured into a vibrant organization. Over these many years the people concerned with have learnt many things and accordingly adopted better measures to deal with disasters, conflicts and subsequently to adopt measures to overcome these problems. There are many operations that are being undertaken by the United Nations and one of these operations is peace building operations in which forces from over hundred countries help United Nations to achieve peace worldwide. The aim of the United Nations peace keeping missions is to stop the conflict hit areas from going back to disaster and conflict situation by adopting specific measures at all levels.

Thus to achieve peace at sustainable levels so that further steps by the parties concerned can be taken with the help of United Nations to improve the conditions for the peace to prevail permanently. Before adopting the United Nations peace building operations it is must to study the specific environments and requirements of the areas and parties concerned and accordingly tailor the procedures to be adopted for long lasting peace. All the measures and procedures to be adopted must not be against the wishes and requirements of the people concerned; otherwise, chances are that the United Nations peace building operations will not succeed.

Since the launch of United Nations peace building missions, the story has been a mix of good and bad results. In many peace building operations, the United Nations failed to achieve the required standard of peace. There are specific reasons for each failure and specific reasons for each success. But as I have mentioned in the previous lines that the knowledge of the area, people, history and conflict reason must be studied before launching the peace building operations. When the reasons have been studied why the United Nations failed to achieve peace; one thing has come up in every study that 90% of the times, the research was not carried out before launching the operations and this was the biggest cause of the failure.

Similarly, the operations which were launched after thorough study and research, 90% of those operations succeeded. Another reason for failure was found to be non involvement of the locals in peace building operations. Foreigners can never understand the dynamics of the area, culture, religion and socio-political environment of a specific region. Some times books do not give you the right picture and in the end you have to be there to find out the actual reasons and subsequent solutions.

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