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Monday February 18th 2019

Logistics courses at the peace training institute

Logistical courses are provided by the peace institution.
Logistical Support to UN Peacekeeping:-
This essential lesson gives the basis of UN peacekeeping logistics, and a plan of working in the field and at the control center. It introduces the task life-cycle and gives info about how economic development is achieved and also introduces delivering integrated logistics support in a field assignment.

Logistical Support OF UN:
This course gives a student a more detailed perspective of United Nations Operational Logistics. This course is focused on realistic procurement and organization of delivery, transfer and task support services. It covers UN undertaking strategies on logistics, particularly essential for pupils studying authority and control of UN Logistics.

Advanced Topics IN UN Logistics: The Supply Of Troops
This course provides students with a detailed look at the repayment for, troops and paraphernalia that troop contributing nations provide to UN peacekeeping missions. Students will learn why the COE system was designed .Topics are standard essentials of COE, substantiation, transportation, defeat and harm, charge, and errands.
Behind these logistical courses and other courses as well, there is introduction to the staff and directors who are responsible for the institute. The directors and staff members are highly qualified and from different famous universities. They also have long experience in serving humanity as some are retired generals, some have been working as teachers in different institutions and some who have been in top posts of government. Students can find these directors very helpful on their way to achieving their goals as they have been teaching peace in different schools e.g. Georgetown, and the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington. Etc.

Different staff members of different nationalities throughout the world are chosen, while taking into consideration various demands. Theses staff members are given special training on how to run the training institutions so they can easily provide information to students willing to help humanity and by eliminating terrorism throughout the globe.

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