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Sunday March 24th 2019

Donald Trump on the latest peace initiative in the Middle East

Donald Trump steps into the discussion in Middle East peace initiative by declaring there will be a good chance of a peace deal.
Mahmoud Abbas recently visited the white house and made the declaration after his meeting, on the white house lawn.

Some may wonder if Trump really understands the 2 state solution because even now he is not clear about what solution he would be interested in working towards. However he was clear that both states should work towards stopping the violence of recent years.
Abbas is under pressure from the Israeli government to stop making payments to prisoners families because Israel believes this money is being fed back into the wrong channels. So he has a tricky act to carry out. Many back home do not like him because of his consideration of stopping these payments.
Trump in turn, made strong pro Israeli comments and this in turn worried the Palestinians.
This all dates back to the last round of discussions in 2002 from Arab peace initiative.

The 2 state solution , as a reminder, is where the Palestinians would form their own state and live peacefully with their neighbours.

There are many peace type initiatives in the local area such as here where local communities from each side get together for training in local industry where local villagers could enhance and build their economy.

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